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Outdoors Session

Located less than 10 minutes away from our Studio in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, these Outdoor Sessions are always beautiful! The greenery, the bridge, the creek and that just a hint of 'I shouldn't be doing this' make these a Client favorite. These Sessions are offered in late Spring/Summer, and the Session slots for them sell very quickly!

What Our Clients Say

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I have always wanted to do a photo shoot to bring back my self-esteem after having 2 beautiful kids and breastfeeding my body has been thrown a lot and aging things don’t stay in place lol. Plus it was also for hubby’s birthday! Going into the session I was super nervous mostly thinking what if I don’t look good on camera what if I don’t like any of my photos taken just to name a few but I can’t emphasize how wrong I was with Lillian's personality I had a blast and then she showed me the photos n I almost died! I couldn’t believe that this was me I have so much more confidence and feel sexy again♥️ I would highly recommend getting a session if u have any doubts about how sexy and incredible you are as a woman or if you just want to have fun and sexy pics of your self and yes feel your self, be

Ms. M

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