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Ready to shock your mirror with a 'Who the hell is that hottie?' moment?

Let's create images that scream confidence, sexiness, and 'I own this space' – because, Queen, you absolutely do.

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Welcome to the playground of empowerment, where we say 'screw it' to the norm and capture your wild, fearless essence.

tell me your vision

Got a wild, badass vision of yourself you’re itching to unleash? Hell yes, let’s hear it! Imagine stepping into a world where you’re the freaking queen.  I’m Lillian, your partner in crime for this epic journey, ready to capture every damn fierce and fabulous facet of you. Whether it's a smoldering glance or a full-blown rebel yell, we'll make it art.

Think you're ready to kick some serious ass in front of my lens? Hit me up. Let's turn that simmering dream of yours into a blazing reality that’ll have everyone gasping. Buckle up, Queen, it's going to be one hell of a ride.

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We don’t do ordinary – get ready for a jaw-dropping transformation

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Your shots, your rules. Choose to keep them private, share a few, or go all out – it's all in your hands.

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Snap, shoot, see – your stunning images, ready the same day

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Our (all female) partner vendors produce only the highest quality hand-crafted print products.Turn your fierce moments into epic prints that scream ‘wow’.



Step into confidence with our Client Closet. Explore over 400 lingerie pieces in all sizes and styles, and complete your look with our sexy new arrivals - red bottom heels!


It's my freakin’ mission to capture the whole youthe beauty, the badass, the soft, the strong, the damn right divine. We're talking about the you that sometimes gets buried under piles of 'too busy' and 'too tired.' I see you, girl, and I can’t wait to show you off.

This isn't just a photoshoot; it's a love letter to yourself. A reminder of the smokin’ hot, power-packed goddess you are. Ready to fall head over heels for the woman in the mirror? I’m here to make that happen.

Let’s reveal the stunning, jaw-dropping you that's been there all along.

Come on, what are you waiting for? Ditch the doubts, grab your confidence by the horns, and let's create something mind-blowingly beautiful. Are you in, or are you in?


Your home deserves art that reflects your badassery. These vivid, striking Boudoir portraits on durable metals are exactly that. Make a statement that’s all you.

Dare to make a statement with a portrait that captures your raw, unfiltered essence. These lightweight, floating metal prints turn your fiercest moments into a bold visual anthem.

It's not just wall art; it's a daily reminder of the unstoppable queen you are.

Ready to add that 'wow' factor to your space? 


Here's to the woman you've become: strong, beautiful, and unapologetic. Let this portrait be a testament to your incredible journey. 

empowerment diaries


“Lillian Kast BLEW ME AWAY! Don't walk, RUN to Lillian Now!”

“I put ALL my trust in Lillian to choose every single aspect of my session for me because I know this is her passion, she makes magic behind that camera. She has a wonderful vision for each and every one of her clients! 

One of the amazing photos from my birthday shoot!!

I have been struggling with weight gain lately and I wasn’t sure how I would feel about my body….Ladies, it was so much fun❤️  I felt like a goddess and I couldn’t be happier!
- MS. J.
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Your Time to Be Unforgettable Is Here. Book a Consultation. We're ready to show you how incredible you can be. It’s all about you now.

  • "What Is The Cost?"
    Your Luxury Boudoir Experience is paid for in 2 parts: a non-nefundable Session Fee and the purchase of Prints & Products. The Session Fee covers the Experience itself, and includes the following services and amenities: 30-minute phone consultation exclusive access to the Studio; all day personalized beverage and snack selection professional hair and make-up access to our 400+ piece Client Closet (sizes XS-5X; various colors, styles and materials; heels) up to 90 minutes of photography w/posing and expression coaching in-person, same-day reveal appointment signature retouching of final image selections All images are purchased separately and are not included in the $500 Session Fee. We offer an extensive A La Carte Menu (upon request), but most of our Clients invest in one of our signature Collections: best-selling, high-ticket items that are bundled together for maximum Client value. We require a minimum investment of $2,000 in Prints & Products (unless otherwise indicated by special terms, conditions or events). Our average Client spends $5,000 on their Boudoir Experience.
  • "Do You Offer Payment Plans?"
    Heck yes, Gurl! Our Studio offers in-house, interest-free payment plans for up to 12 months! (matter of fact, pre-session payment plans are required unless paying in full) They’re super simple and flexible to set up, and customized to make your dream Experience a reality. And, if you just want to pay now and handle it later, we highly recommend PayPal Credit: interest-free for up to 6 months! We accept cash (if paying in full only) all major debit/credit cards and CashApp.
  • "You'll Help Me With Posing, Right?"
    Gurl, YES!! I've photographed 100 women, Queen, and I think maybe one of them actually had any real modeling experience! I create these Experiences primarily for every-day women, and I take that responsibility seriously: if you're looking for the crazy gurl running around with her camera yelling, "Give me sexy!", you've got the wrong photographer, lol! Seriously, though: not a single one of those 100 bodies was exactly the same, so the most flattering poses are determined by your body-not some girl you saw on Pinterest! We're going to get to know each other very well during your Session, and I've been known to (with permission) place your hand/face/hair, etc where I need it to be to get that perfect shot (not to mention pick a hair out of your bum-crack; around here we say "anything for the shot"...and we mean it!). As a Plus-Size Queen myself, I understand better than most what looks good and how to either conceal or flatter the areas we are most self-conscious about.
  • "Is It Normal To Be This Nervous?"
    Only 100%! I mean, have you ever done this before? Does your every-day routine include strutting around in lingerie in front of a stranger with a camera? If you're like 99% of my Clients, the answer is "No". In their testimonials and reviews, my Clients often talk about how nervous they were at first (and how quickly they relaxed and just embraced the Experience): please feel free to review them. I know it's not the same, but at least you can know you're not alone! I also have a Facebook Group that I'd love to welcome you into. You can see what our other Queens are saying, and it's a great way to meet amazing women who are there to lift you up and inspire you! We could all use more friends like that, right?
  • "Is Hair & Make-Up Included?"
    Absolutely! Pampered comes standard around here so, if you can, forget the notion that you are coming in for a "photo session", because you're not: you're co-creating and participating in an Empowering and Transformational Experience! My artists and stylists are pros, and my regulars have all done a Session with me so, in addition to a fabulous new look, they can give you real insight into what you're about to experience.
  • "Why Do You Require Phone Calls For More Information On The Sessions?"
    A Few Reasons First, for your convenience. We can accomplish more in one 15 to 30-minute phone call than we can in two weeks' worth of back and forth on a messaging platform or using email, and we value and respect your time. Second, Boudoir is a very, very inmate experience, and the best results (not to mention photos) come from Clients that we've taken the time to create a relationship and build trust with. So, all of them. Third, this is a high-ticket luxury experience, and it's an investment: my team and I understand that we're talking about a lot of money for most of our Clients, and we want to ensure that our process is clearly understood before we accept any payment.
  • "Do You Share My Images?"
    Never without your permission: ever! That said, based on our experience, you will very likely fall so deeply in love with your photos that you'll be anxious to share them! My Clients who do elect to share their images sign an agreement called a Model Release, and even then, unless they elect a "full release", we collaborate closely on what I can and cannot share.
  • "What Will I Get To Prepare For The Session?"
    I think a better question would be "what don't you get?", Gurl! You are about to go through a very powerful and uplifting experience that will shatter the negative beliefs you have about yourself...but that only works when there's a relationship based on trust: not transaction. You begin with our Phone Consult, where we determine (together) whether we're a good fit: there's other boudoir photographers out there, Queen, and it's more important to me that you get the one that you truly vibe with than it is to collect a fee. Once you become my Client, it's everything and the kitchen sink, Gurl: I refuse to let you feel unprepared! You'll receive a fuck-ton of emails giving you guidance on hair care, skin care, flexibility, posing, Prints & Products and even some resources to purchase your own lingerie! If that's not enough, you can always email, schedule a call and even come right into the Studio if you want to (by appointment, of course): we loooove getting to know you better, Queen!!
  • "Can I Bring A Friend?"
    The short answer is "No". My Clients are usually already nervous, and no matter how well-intentioned your friend might be, they will inevitably become a distraction at best, and a disaster at worst. It's much easier to just relax into the process when you don't have the added pressure of performance anxiety, and don't have to feel obligated to help your friend manage their desire to protect you and have an amazing Session at the same time. I think of it like going to the OB-GYN: when the trust is there, the process becomes much easier, and it's easier yet without an audience. (and bonus; you don't have to fold your panties up all neat and pretty and then try to hide them under your pants) Seriously, though: I'm asking you to be more vulnerable than most of you have ever been in your life, with anyone: including your partner, friends and family...and if you have the courage to do that, and you actually do it, your photos Will. Be. EPIC! Plus, imagine bringing that one friend who's always got 'great ideas' about what you should wear, or gives you 'tough love' about how you look and what is and isn't flattering for you. I'll keep it real with you, Sis: I won't tolerate that in my Studio. I am a professional, and this is your Experience-not theirs.
  • "Do You Do Couples Sessions?"
    We do. We LOVE them, and they're actually very similar to a Studio Session. The only real difference is the amount of time we like to give the Clients to 'warm up': if neither Client has any Boudoir Session experience, sometimes it takes a little longer for both partners to catch the vibe.
  • "How Do I Book A Session?"
    All you have to do is reach out, Gurl! There are multiple buttons on all pages of this site, and you can even schedule your own appointment! The first step is the Phone Consult, where we will see if we're a good fit and, if we are, we'll go over all of the information, pricing, and availability with you and get you on our calendar ASAP. Once you pay the Session Fee, your date will be locked in and you're good to go! Click here to get started
  • "There Are A Lot Of Boudoir Photographers Out There: How Can I Know Which One To Choose?"
    Girl, let me tell you - not all boudoir photographers are created equal. You want to make sure you're choosing someone who specializes in the type of photography that you're looking for, and who truly understands how to make you look and feel your best. Here are some questions you might ask your potential Boudoir Photographer: "Are you fully licensed and/or insured?" You'd be surprised at how many "alleged" professionals are just hobbyists who are trying to hustle: they provide virtually no consumer protections and have no legitimate business structure. "Do you photograph other genres? Family, wedding, etc?" During the pandemic and beyond, a lot of wedding and family photographers noticed the increasing popularity of Boudoir, and began offering those services as an additional revenue stream for their businesses. Although there's nothing inherently wrong with that, imagine finding out that you need a very specific and specialized medical procedure: who would you seek out-a general practitioner...or a specialist? "Have you ever had your own Boudoir Session?" This isn't necessarily a 'make or break' question. My first mentor in Boudoir was a man, and as far as I know he's never had a 'Dudoir' experience (yes, gurl, that's a thing, lol). That said, nothing brings people closer together quite like a shared experience. It's just different when you know that the person who's helping you, or providing you with a service, has actually been through what you're going through and 'lived to tell about it'. I've heard horror stories from friends of Clients, and even a couple of Clients themselves, who chose a cheaper photographer and ended up with disappointing results: if I can possibly help you avoid that, I commit to doing so. If you're wondering about my style, my experience or my philosophy about Boudoir it's all here on these pages. My goal is to help women feel great about themselves. I work with you to pick poses and outfits that look amazing on you. I'll be there during the shoot to give you tips and make sure you look fantastic. I work with you to choose the most flattering poses and outfits, and I provide direction throughout the shoot to ensure you look your best. If you're thinking about trying something new and exciting, I'm here for you. Let's talk and get to know each other. You deserve a Boudoir Experience that's unforgettable...and I LIVE for that!
  • "What If I've Already Had A Disappointing Boudoir Experience?"
    If you have, the simple fact that you're on my site, and reading the answer to this question, tells me that I want you as a Client, because that takes Courage, Gurl! I'm soooo proud of you and I don't even KNOW YOU...yet. Let me answer this question with a short personal story, if you'll let me? Two years into my business I decided that I needed to 'put my money where my mouth was', and booked a session with a photographer and educator whose style I greatly admired. I never asked if she'd ever photographed someone plus-sized like me, I never asked about her editing style and I never asked about the timeline to receive my final Images. I tell you this because these are the three things I was the most disappointed and heart-broken by... But I'm also like you: I believe in the power of Boudoir when that camera is in the right hands, and I'm now committed to booking my 'real' Boudoir Experience with my mentor within the next couple of years. Crazy, right? I don't think so. I don't think we're 'gluttons for punishment': I think we're strong enough to bounce back from disappointment and go after what we DESERVE! As someone who has been through my own disappointing boudoir experience, I now know how important it is to find a photographer who truly cares about making you look and feel your best: that's why I'm committed to providing a personalized and unforgettable experience for each and every one of my Clients!
  • "I'm Afraid I Won't Look Good In My Boudoir Photos! Can You Help Me Feel More Confident?"
    Technically? No, Queen; I'm afraid I can't. Confidence comes from doing the thing you're afraid of, and the courage to do that comes from you and no one else: not even me. I will tell you that you are not alone. Every single one of my Clients (yes, even the professional model) has experienced this fear. Overcoming this fear is an essential part of this process, because that vulnerability that you Feel becomes power that you See when we reveal your Images to you for the first time. On a more practical note, my lighting, editing and retouching style is 'timeless', with 'smooth, buttery skin'. It flatters without making you someone you're not. Please review the example below:


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