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I’m Not Confident Enough

“I’m Not Confident Enough”

Gurl, I hear you.

All these things that you think about yourself don’t feel good, and you see my work as a way to prove them wrong(which it totally IS, BTW), BUT…

you “can’t see yourself that way”, and “what if it doesn’t work”, and you “pay out all this money and hate your photos and feel exactly the same about you but now you’re broke AF”…

I can’t decide for you, gurl.

I would if I could, because I’d love to take that off your back.

I know my work is beautiful, and real, and that it will show you all you need to see and more, but when it gets down to it, YOU have to choose.

See, we think we need Confidence to do something like this, but we don’t.

Confidence comes after the Choice, after the Commitment and after the Action that we Take: not before.

You can’t know whether you’re gonna sink or swim until you get off the edge and into the deep: that’s just the way it is.

Remember when I said that you have to choose?

I recommend you choose YOU: and creating your very own Boudoir Experience with me is doing just that.

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