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Jody's Boudoir Experience: A Story of Healing, Empowerment, and Self-Love

If so, Jody's story is for you......

Jody's story of her boudoir experience is one of overcoming incredible challenges. She has been through a sexual assault, a divorce, and many other setbacks in her life. But through it all, she has learned to embrace her strength and beauty.

Jody's story is an inspiration to us all. It shows that we are all capable of overcoming any challenge and finding our own unique power.

Read Jody's story below to learn more about her journey to self-love and empowerment. And if you are feeling inspired, consider booking your own boudoir session. It could be the life-changing experience you need.

"You're here for a reason and only you can determine why, I'm here to tell you my story and what led me to Lillian.

When I was 19, I met a man that I adored and thought life would be a fantastic journey with spicey romance, laughs, good times and everything would just be perfect. Well, things didn't go as planned and it was far from perfect. We had a baby and the man went to prison for reasons I won't say, but it was the first sign I should have run from him.

I stayed with him and worked 2 or 3 jobs to support us. I finally realized after 9 years that my life would be much better without him in it, so I left. He showed his true colors when he would get physically aggressive and one day, he pushed me into my own house and proceeded to sexually assault me with our son upstairs. I'll never forget the day in court when the judge said, I know you did things to her but there isn't enough physical proof to convict you.

I learned to move on and continue to support my son. I quickly met my next dream man a year later and things were good. This one, I married. Life was good, but as with any blended family, there were some real ugly times that led to both of us making mistakes we couldn't come back from. I felt like a complete failure, I felt like everything was my fault and then with a little time, realized it is up to me to make my life happen and to be happy. Nobody could take that from me, but me.

Shortly after my divorce, I was invited to the boudoir FaceBook group and thought these women look amazing and I bet they share this with the men in their lives. Then I saw a model call and wanted it so bad thinking back on the ugly day in court and being told consistently that I would never live up to anything by the first man, and drifting away from the second, I knew I could be and I was so much more than what either of them deserved.

I knew I could do this without having someone in my life and recognizing that I am fierce, a lioness protecting her child and herself along with those she loves the most. A woman on a mission. This session was for ME. It was my 41st birthday and I was newly divorced and enjoying life MY way since my son was officially an adult now. I was hesitant because of the cost but quickly learned after the session, every penny spent was better than any therapy session I've ever been in. I walked in quiet and a little timid, but read every piece of advice Lillian provides prior to the shoot. I brought in all the extra little fun things to help personalize my session. I let Lillian do whatever she wanted. As soon as my makeup was done, the confidence sparked. I became my sassy self and let it shine through.

Everything I was told I couldn't be and coming free through a divorce that broke my heart, my soul, and feeling of defeat went away. For the first time in my life, I felt like myself and allowed it to come out. Every aching piece. It was OK after a sexual assault to enjoy feeling sexy again. It was ok after feeling like thrown away trash in a divorce to show the part of me that sparked. Size doesn't matter, other people's opinions do not matter.

What matters is how you view yourself, and as a woman, I feel the need to empower women into being bold and speaking your truth. Our experiences need to be owned, they are lessons learned, no regrets, not ever. So be you, be unique, and don't be afraid to show who you are. For we may have different opinions on different matters on the outside, but on the inside we all have a light that needs to be seen.

Let your light shine and never diminish your self-worth for anyone. Did I mention I did a second session? Yep, do it for you. Do everything for you!

Love to all,


Be inspired by Jody's story and book your own boudoir session today!

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