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Our Services


My Clients Deserve the Best, and that is what we Provide!


  • My Pros are Contractors, have their own Successful Practices, and are all properly licensed and insured.


  • My Pros are REQUIRED to have their own Session with me so that, in addition to their professional services, they can provide Reassurance and Love to Clients who might be Nervous about their Experience


Some Photographers will have you bring your own stuff, and you can absolutely do that if you want to, but a lot of my clients aren’t quite sure what to wear, so…


  • 400+ pieces, in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles, all for YOU!

  • 2 dozen+ heels, in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles, all for YOU!

  • A Growing Collection of ‘statement pieces’...yep, you guessed it, all for YOU!


There’s a lot more to Creating the Perfect Image than just yelling “Give me Sexy!” and snapping a bunch of pictures, girl.


  • I Coach you through every step, every Pose, and every Facial Expression.  I don’t leave anything to chance, and you will Always Know What To Do.


  • A small degree of physical discomfort is normal, especially if you aren’t the most flexible.  My rule of thumb for this is “the more you Feel it, the Better it’s gonna Look”.


  • The more Vulnerable you allow yourself to Be with me, the more Powerful your Images will be.  Let go of your need to Be Seen a certain way, and Just. Be. You!  I promise:  you Won’t Regret It!


My Work is so good, straight out of the camera, that I show it to You as though it were Your Final Images.


  • This is the most Co-Creative part of the Experience.  You decide which scars and marks to keep, and which to edit.  These Photos are of YOU.

  • I’ve built my Brand on “timeless” Imagery, with “creamy” or “buttery” skin, but I will never compromise your Authenticity.  This isn’t You:  Photo-shopped…this is You:  Period.

Plus Size Boudoir Lillian Kast Boudoir


Once your Final Selections are made, my Retoucher puts the Finishing Touches (lighting, shading, contrast, unnecessary objects i.e. light sockets, etc) on the Images and then it’s off to the Printers for your Final Prints and Products!!


  • Retouching is complete within 3-5 business days, and if you’ve purchased Digital Files you can view them!

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