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Updated: Jul 6, 2022

A Boudoir Session, at least with me, is nothing short of a Life-Changing Experience. Is this a bold claim? You bet your tushie it is, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true.

Women all over the World have been defining themselves in terms of others for way too long! In terms of their Spouse, in terms of their Children, in terms of their Circumstances...why the hell do we do that?

Maybe it’s that old ‘maternal instinct’ that’s driving us. You know, that ‘Give everything I’ve got until I’ve got none left and then give some more because it’s what a good Woman/Mother/Wife does’ thing we do?

I know that You know what I mean, girl. I also know that you can’t pour a damn thing from a bone-dry cup…

You look in the mirror after a few years and all you can see, where a Beautiful, Vibrant Goddess used to be, is a Stranger.

No Confidence, no Courage, no Life of Your Own...hell, you don’t even give yourself permission to be Kind to yourself, let alone Good to yourself. No Time for that! Too many other people to take care of…

I think it’s about time you put ‘YOU’ first. For maybe the First Time in Your Life!!

I think it’s about time you get re-acquainted with that Goddess, because She’s still in there!

I think it’s about time to Let Me Love You, so you can See Who You Really Are!

I think it's about time to Book Your Damn Boudoir Shoot!

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